What can you do for Merton Green Party?

Come on... What are you waiting for? Be a Green!  


As a small local party, we rely on the generous contributions of volunteers to help spread the Green message to the people of Merton.

Any help you give us, from a regular donation to delivering leaflets in your road, will make a real difference in raising awareness of the work of Merton Green Party. If you have any skills you may be able to share with us, even on an ad hoc basis, we would be very happy to hear from you.

We keep our website updated regularly and you can find out about upcoming events and volunteering opportunities here. You can also support our Facebook page.

Become a member today and join a community of people dedicated to creating a fairer, cleaner, more affordable future for everyone in Wimbledon, Mitcham and Morden. When you join the National Party, a portion of your membership fee will come directly to Merton Green Party.

For more information and to find out how you can help, contact mertongreens@gmail.com


Support the Green Party - the party that grows while the others wither! 

In 2021, we confirmed the Green Party's position as London’s third party, in Merton borough too, we influenced the current mayor’s agenda and we changed the narrative about what a better London looks like.

But while so many other political parties rely on wealthy corporate donors and people hiding their money in tax havens, the Green Party is different. We are a truly grassroots political party - one that’s funded by thousands of people chipping in donations of £20, £50 and £100, that together add up to fund our work. 

Donate to Merton Greens


Your donations are always welcome and help us massively in communicating our policies for creating jobs, safeguarding our vital public services and building a fairer, greener, cleaner, more sustainable economy.

We don’t have big money, big business, or special interests to bankroll us.

We have something better: thousands of supporters like you.

If all of us come together and invest in this movement we can make our voices heard and change our country forever.

Help us reach voters: donate today. With the party building towards the 2022 Council elections, your support is needed more than ever.

You can make a bank transfer payment or set up a standing order to our Ecology Building Society account:


Eco-Instant reference number: 0601680367

Sort code: 08-90-72

Account number: 70361591


Please make sure you quote our reference number or the money will not get to us!  



Thank you for your support!

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