Merton Green Party welcomes the council's Climate Emergency Declaration

18 July 2019

Dr Pippa Maslin thanks the team of volunteers for their dedication and enthusiasm in gathering over 2000 signatures for her Climate Emergency Petition.

BBC apologises to Green Party Candidate, Susie O'Connor

16 June 2019

Merton Green Party's by-election candidate for Cannon Hill ward, Susie O'Connor, has pushed the BBC and Stephen Hammond to stick to impartiality rules.

Introducing Susie O'Connor, our by-election candidate for Cannon Hill ward

01 June 2019

We are delighted to introduce Susie O'Connor, our by-election candidate for Cannon Hill ward

The Green Party celebrates the best ever local election results

05 May 2019

Merton Green Party extends its congratulations to local parties across England on their best ever local election results.

Merton Council's final report on single use plastics is 'deeply disappointing'

03 May 2019

Merton Green Party has been pressing the council on reducing and eliminating its usage of single use plastics.

Merton Green Party backs London's Green EU Candidates

26 April 2019

Merton Greens are right behind the diverse, talented and experienced group of London candidates for the upcoming EU elections.

Merton Greens pressing for answers on refuse collection

01 April 2019

Merton Greens march to demand to 'Put It To The People'

28 March 2019

Merton Green Party members joined a million marchers on Saturday 23rd March, to ask the government to put Theresa May's Brexit deal back to the people in a referendum.

Petition Merton Council to declare a Climate Emergency

16 March 2019

Merton Green View Spring 2019

16 March 2019


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