Talk by Emily Langston, London National Park City Ranger

01 November 2020

Emily Langston, London National Park City Ranger, spoke to us on 11 November about the London National Park City Initiative and her role as a ranger covering Merton. Her recent work includes helping May Project Gardens with fundraising and Colliers Wood Green Spaces group with their launch. She is keen to make more links with local green groups in Merton. You can contact her via

Council's Covid-19 Travel Safety: Merton Residents' Transport Group's perspective

10 September 2020

Lucy Marstrand-Taussig (local resident, transport planner and co-founder of Merton Residents' Transport Group - MRTG) spoke to us on 9 September about the Council's actions to promote walking and cycling in the wake of Covid-19.

The Green New Deal - Prof Nick Robins

13 July 2020

Our local member Professor Nick Robins from the London School of Economics spoke to us on 8 July about finance and the green recovery.

Professor Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato presents Universal Basic Income to Merton Greens

11 June 2020

The Green Party is the only UK political party to advocate Universal Basic Income as a policy. Molly explained to us how it works and answered numerous questions in our meeting on 10th June.

Natalie Bennett joins Merton Greens

Natalie Bennett joins Merton Greens

30 May 2020

On 13th May 2020, we were fortunate enough to be joined by Natalie Bennett, former Green Party Leader and now Member of the Lords.

Merton Green Party attend defend democracy protest

01 September 2019

Ursuline High School’s conference on climate change

24 August 2019

Merton Green Party litter picks highlighted in a Wimbledon Times article

14 August 2019

Merton Green Party welcomes the council's Climate Emergency Declaration

18 July 2019

Dr Pippa Maslin thanks the team of volunteers for their dedication and enthusiasm in gathering over 2000 signatures for her Climate Emergency Petition.

BBC apologises to Green Party Candidate, Susie O'Connor

16 June 2019

Merton Green Party's by-election candidate for Cannon Hill ward, Susie O'Connor, has pushed the BBC and Stephen Hammond to stick to impartiality rules.


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