Charles Barraball sends his hustings statement from his honeymoon

1 June 2017

Our General Election candidate for Wimbledon, Charles Barraball is currently on his honeymoon. He has sent his statement for tonight's hustings at the Mansel Road Centre in Wimbledon to be read out by our Membership Secretary, John Boyd. His statement is set out below:-

"I am Charles Barraball, Wimbledon's Green Party candidate. In 2015 4% of your votes came my way. Thank you!

My wife broke her leg on our honeymoon last September.  Thanks to the work of the NHS we are now on our 2nd honeymoon. We know the state of the NHS through this experience and from our Best Man,  John Boyd, who is reading this for me tonight.

I challenged Stephen Hammond over the crass termination of the Independent Living Fund - costing just 2% of available funds to administer centrally. The Tory devolution of it to Boroughs where its administrative cost to the electorate will be around 16% of available funds shows how Conservative Financial acumen is missing.

A disabled individual who can never wipe his own backside now has to beg every year for any funding;  that took away any chance of a decent life for thousands. Compassionate Conservatism? Hah! I don't want a heartless government or a heartless Wimbledon. Or one that is so financially incompetent.

Hidden in her Ivory Tower at No. 10, Theresa May  chooses not to see the harm she is doing,  Now she is bringing back fox hunting; presumably she hears Stephen Hammond's "Tally Ho"  as his G4S Hounds bay at the heels of the Wimbledon Stag, snapping savagely at pensioners with walking sticks. Stephen started his campaign to represent Wimbledon with a leaflet outlining his 5 local priorites. Stephen, it's a national event, a General Election! Wimbledon voted to Remain in the EU at the Referendum. All signs are, Stephen, that you will be hounding us, wheelchairs or no, over the Cliff Edge of a Hard Brexit, with no say in the consequences for Wimbledon voters. 

You know your heart rises when you hear the humanity, common sense and level-headedness of Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley.  They engage with our hearts and our  brains. Weak and wobbly they are not. A vote for the Green Party is NEVER a wasted vote; look how the Conservatives and Labour parties adopted our Living Wage policy. Weak and wobbly implementation, but a step in the right direction.

Voting Green in Wimbledon says you want your great-grandchildren to not drown in the rising tide of plastic, to breathe Clean Air, to enjoy peace in our countryside, Europe and, hopefully, world-wide.

Thank you for these 3 minutes to save Wimbledon's future!". 


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