Introducing our candidate for the St Helier by-election

26 June 2017

Currently a Ph.D. student and Visiting Tutor at Royal Holloway, University of London, and with thirteen years of experience teaching English in Surrey comprehensives, I moved to the St Helier ward in 2013 and soon began to take an interest in local issues – chiefly, by helping two campaign groups (a Lower Morden group and the Keep Our St Helier Hospital campaign) to protest the potential downgrading/closure of our local hospital, but also protesting cuts to the Adult Social Care budget. Indeed, I have been and continue to be appalled by the detrimental effects of ‘austerity’ on our public services, at both a local and a national level, and I would work collaboratively, diligently, and with determination to counter them if elected Councillor.

Further to this, I feel strongly that more can be done at the level of local government to improve the state of our local environment. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a borough with many green spaces – some of which are spectacularly rich – but poor air quality and ineffective systems for recycling need addressing as a matter of urgency.

In addition, I would like to help my neighbours in Hatfeild Mead to build a much more effective relationship with Circle Housing Merton Priory, and I am keen to work with other neighbourhoods on their housing needs too.

I very much enjoy living in Morden and feel a strong connection with the area. My grandparents were amongst the first council tenants to move into Hatfeild Mead in 1952, and their home not only became my home when I arrived from the Philippines as a baby in 1977, but is where I live now. It would truly be an honour to serve as a Councillor in the ward that welcomed me as a child and to which I have gladly returned.

Philippa Zielfa Maslin - St Helier Ward by-election candidate - 26th June 2017

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