Introducing Alban Thurston, our candidate for Lower Morden

17 April 2018

Once a journalist, now managing renewable energy, I’ve contributed and worshipped in Merton since 1997. Valuing the huge contribution of our voluntary sector, I’ve volunteered with homeless and sustainability groups, and a youth club. I launched a solar buyers’ club for homeowners. Merton Council dabbled in solar, but has let its housing providers leave tenants with high energy bills.

As a Green Party councillor for Lower Morden, I will challenge Labour’s machine. Progressive Greens back radical, necessary solutions – on housing, air quality, co-operatives, licencing private landlords, votes at age 16. Away from town halls, Greens back fair votes, including your vote on the final Brexit deal. Divided Labour and stumbling Tories can’t bring themselves to offer that Green promise.

Labour hypocrites ask Merton diesel owners to pay £150 extra for residents’ parking. Yet they continue to prop up diesel and oil companies with £54 million, nearly 9% of your council’s pension pot. As the world’s smart, moral investors quit fossil fuels, campaigners I lead have shown councillors evidence since 2016 that their diesel and oil stash make 8,000 pensions riskier, not safer. Deaf to warnings from regulators like the Bank of England, Merton Labour is trapped: if it agrees with Greens and with London’s Mayor that oil and gas shares must be sold, it highlights seven years when Merton’s Leader ignored fossil fuel risk while on the board of London’s pensions authority.

Labour is split over its Merton leadership. An inspector slammed Council Leader Alambritis for dumping on taxpayers costs of a consultation backed by councillors of only one ward. At the last minute Labour shoehorned a privately-funded Academy into an already settled planning proposal, sparking resignations amongst its own members. Doesn’t Lower Morden deserve better?  More of the same? Or a difference, a necessary change, with your first Green Party councillor.


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