Introducing Rachel Brooks, our candidate for Merton Park

27 April 2018

I grew up in Merton, attending Dundonald then Wimbledon Chase primary schools. My wonderful teachers pushed me hard, and set me on the path I walk today. It’s now time to give something back to my community.

In the years since my childhood in Merton, I’ve gone on to obtain masters degrees in Natural Sciences and Green Chemistry from the Universities of Durham and Imperial College London – where I remain to date, working part-time on my PhD in the development and environmental assessment of bioplastics. I also work for a sustainable development charity that I set up in the South Pacific, which champions holistic, community-led, development. Many local residents will also know me as a Science and Maths tutor for high school students – you’ll likely see me nipping about the borough between classes on my Green Vesper.

I’m standing for council on May 3rd because, having moved back to Merton in recent years, I’m thrilled at the prospect of local redevelopment and the abundant opportunity that this brings, but fearful that the wrong direction will be taken by our current council. It is imperative to start this process with a vision - a vision of a town centre that’s world-leading in logistics, air quality, connectivity, environmental performance and cost-effectiveness – and from this vision, we can back-cast to the present, to identify the steps we must take today. We must all be involved in crafting this vision, and we must draw inspiration from all over the world. Bringing stakeholders together, we must use state-of-the-art decision-making tools to ensure a collaborative, cooperative, job well done, that is in budget and on time.

Merton Park’s current independent councillors have, in part, done a great job at over the last 28 years. However, our local politics are tired, and have a shameful track record on gender: not a single candidate for the 2014 council elections, across any party, was female, while voter engagement is falling. It is imperative that community representatives reflect the local populace, whilst offering diverse and relevant skills. I am immensely proud to have returned to Merton, and if you give me the opportunity, will be your younger, greener, female representative during decision-making processes that affect us all.

It’s time to bring new energy (no pun intended) and new expertise to Merton Council – a vote for me is a vote for scientifically sound green local development, a vote for inclusivity, a vote for progress. 

Vote for progress, vote smart, vote Green on May 3rd. 

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