The Mystery of Merton's #Has_Bins

11 June 2018

Merton Green Party has been alerted by a local resident of Ravensbury, Mark Gale to the problem of mysteriously disappearing bins across the borough, often following reports to the council that the bins are overflowing and in need of emptying. Mark has been contacted by local Green Party member, Tom Killick as well as some local Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, to try to understand and to get to the root of the problem.

Mark told Merton Greens ‘I have been watching and trying to work out why litter bins in our streets and parks have been disappearing over time. This, combined with the poor service standards that have been allowed to become the norm under the current administration, frustrates me.’ Mark tried to seek answers by attending joint borough meetings and contacting council members, but did not get anywhere.

Eventually, Mark submitted a Freedom of Information request, which he reports told him that ‘some of the bins listed on the report are marked as removed, yet many of the known bins that have vanished recently do not even appear on the list, including one that I have discussed with Tom (Killick) at the end of his road, based in our ward, Ravensbury.’

Mark told us that he will be looking to use the data to check the local bin inventory to ensure that they are still present. He will work with other residents across the borough to put pressure upon the council to take their statutory duties seriously, and not neglect services that they have failed to control since April 2017 when Veolia was awarded the contract for managing Merton’s bins.

Mark has tried to contact the new Cabinet Member for Cleanliness, Mike Brunt, but he has now closed his Twitter account. Mark left his contact details with Mr Brunt a month ago, but he has still not had any contact from him.

Mark told us ‘I am determined to make a change for the better for my area and the whole of Merton. I welcome the help and support from all residents and party members who also believe we deserve a higher level of standards.’

We would like to thank Mark for his tireless work and for getting in touch with us. If anyone else notices a #Has_Bin in their area, please don’t forget to tweet @MarkGale and @Merton_Council about it!



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