Merton Green Party backs London's Green EU Candidates

26 April 2019

On 23rd May, London will have the chance to vote in the EU elections. Merton Green Party is proud to back the diverse, talented and experienced group of candidates that is standing for London.

Jean Lambert MEP will be stepping down this year, after 20 years of service. Jean has worked tirelessly over the years to fight for environmental and social justice. It is hoped the Scott Ainslie will take Jean's place in the European Parliament. 

Scott says  ‘The Green Party has a great team of robust people who are keen to eradicate the nonsense in politics today in order to save our planet. Our democracy is failing; we have two main parties still wedded to economic growth; the gap between rich and poor is frankly disgusting; people's human rights are being violated. We don’t have time for compromise or distractions.’

His immediate priorities are: Revoke article 50 and remain in the UK &/or campaign for a Peoples’ Vote.

A message from Caroline Lucas MP

The further candidates can be found here.

London Green Party has set up a Crowdfunder page, which has already raised over £20,000 to help promote its pro-European message during the 2019 EU election campaign. Please give whatever you can afford to support this campaign.

The EU elections are held under a fair, proportional voting system, so your vote will count. The Green Party is London's Remain Party and this is an opportunity to send a message that London still backs the EU.

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