Council's Covid-19 Travel Safety: Merton Residents' Transport Group's perspective

10 September 2020

Lucy Marstrand-Taussig (local resident, transport planner and co-founder of Merton Residents' Transport Group - MRTG) spoke to us on 9 September about the Council's actions to promote walking and cycling in the wake of Covid-19. The main measures that the Council is implementing are school streets, low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs - measures to prevent through traffic in residential areas), and making cycle routes safer with physical measures.  Progress had been slow compared to other boroughs, and the Council did not seem to accept the urgency of the situation.  Residents who support such measures should make our voices heard, for example by contacting our local councillors and joining MRTG.  You can find more information on MRTG at  .

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